My phone screen does not sleep when PUBG mobile app is in background why?


There’s nothing more terrible than getting your telephone, turning it on, just to understand the warning it’s simply gotten was presumably expected to have contacted you 10 minutes (or, you know, hours) back. Annoyingly, the underlying driver of this is habitually Android itself, attempting to deal with your telephone’s battery life by compelling “low” need applications to rest, with the final product being those postponed notices. Luckily, Android offers you the capacity to design this conduct in some way or another, on an application by-application premise, so you can be more certain that notices will be gotten when they’re sent, not when your telephone concludes you ought to get them.

Fixing this is generally straightforward, and however the Battery Optimization highlight may appear to be a bit of befuddling from the start, it truly is only a couple fast strides to determine this irritating issue.

The underneath steps should work for most Android telephones with Oreo (Android 8.0) or above. Some cell phone producers, notwithstanding, totally swap Android’s battery enhancement for their own usage. In those cases, you’ll need to counsel a maker explicit instructional exercise.

à Here are the Following Steps to should apply on your Mobile Phone Settings.

• Start the Settings application and discover Battery Optimization in the       App area.

• At the highest point of the screen, there must be 2 options “Not Optimized” and afterward tap “All applications.” You should now see a rundown of all the applications on your telephone.

• Click the app which you want to sleep in the background while running the Any application. I will select “File Manager” for your assistance to learn to sort out your Problem.

• Each application is stamped “Optimize” or “Don’t Optimize.” Allowed implies that your telephone is permitted to take care of the application when it’s out of sight.

• Discover an application that you would prefer not to rest, and tap it. In the spring up, pick “Don’t optimize” and affirm your decision by tapping “Done.”

Now Anyone Using Samsung Phone and Facing This Issue:

In the event that you have a Samsung gadget running One UI, Samsung gives another approach to control dozing foundation applications. It’s fairly simpler to utilize, and can supplant (yet in addition sort of copy) the OS-level battery improvement setting. On the off chance that you do have a Samsung telephone, ensure you’ve set this up just as the above battery improvement setting to ensure an application doesn’t rest. In the event that you advise the Android OS not to improve the battery life of an application, however not the Samsung settings, your telephone may in any case take care of it.

You must dive deep to discover these controls.

• Start the Settings application and tap “Device care.

• Then tap “Battery.” On the Battery page, tap “Application power Management.

 • Samsung keeps a rundown of applications that are never allowed to rest. To see the rundown, tap “Applications that won’t be put to sleep.”

• You can add extra applications to this rundown by tapping “Add applications.

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